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Emergency Services

When garage doors at homes or businesses become immobilized, whether by going off track, becoming jammed or ceasing to function properly for some other reason, the loss of access to vehicles, equipment and other stored items can severely impede the smooth functioning of daily life and commercial enterprises. Damaged garage doors also heighten vulnerability to vandalism and theft of valuable assets..... Click to read more

Standard Garage Doors

For standard garage door models, owners of residences and businesses can find no better go-to name than Cambridge Garage Doors Store in and around the Cambridge area. We are experts in installing and maintaining all types of overhead doors, including basic models that provide protection for storage items in your garage, and high quality standard doors that offer added security and functionality for industries, businesses and recreational facilities..... Click to read more

Rolling Garage Doors

As another practical option for the access and security needs of your business, Cambridge Garage Doors Store has an array of various types of rolling steel doors. Rolling steel doors are superlative options for places where businesses need to maximize space for entry, and we carry up-coiling service doors that can fit in almost any size of standard opening. If you require a custom rolling steel door, we can create it in a variety of color options, slat profiles and curtain materials to meet any security and aesthetic standards..... Click to read more

Speciality Garage Doors 

Whether they are needed for aesthetic, organizational or practical purposes, it is not unusual for Cambridge Garage Doors Store clients in Cambridge to have requirements for garage doors that differ from our standard selection of overhead garage doors. For this reason, we carry a line of specialty doors so that our clients can meet their unique or unusual garage door needs. Technicians at Cambridge Garage Doors Store are unsurpassed in their expertise at finding solutions of specialty doors for clients who need them. Specialty door experts are uniquely qualified in both installation and repairs, which gives them a depth of knowledge and an abundance of insight that can provide a dynamic specialty door solution for your residence or commercial enterprise..... Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Because a garage door is often the centerpiece of a building and covers a large visible portion of a building exterior, its design has a noticeable effect on the overall appearance of the structure. This consideration of appearance motivates many of our clients to rely on the custom garage door design services that Cambridge Garage Doors Store offer..... Click to read more

Garage Door Maintenance

The qualified technicians at Cambridge Garage Doors Store are knowledgeable experts in garage door design, installation, maintenance and repair, and we are ever-ready to assist you with your garage door needs every hour of the day or night. Our mobile service vehicles in the Cambridge, MA area provide superlative service, quickly arriving onsite to meet the needs of our clients. Our garage door maintenance technicians are trained to ensure that your garage door continues to work properly and meet your access and protection needs..... Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Our team of professional technicians has the ability to quickly and efficiently install aftermarket garage door system upgrades such as automatic detection systems and motorized garage door systems. Because the gaps between the frames and the doors around the edges of many garage doors expose stored vehicles and goods to the open air, our technicians can install insulation to make the garage doors of our clients more energy efficient..... Click to read more

Garage Door Springs

Cambridge Garage Doors Store stocks a continuously expanding inventory of garage door components that is unparalleled in the area. We not only supply parts from leading brands, but also have generic parts that are inexpensive and of high quality. In and around Cambridge, there is no better place to go than Cambridge Garage Doors Store for garage door hardware, components, weatherproofing and other needs for nearly every type of garage door available..... Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Garage doors are almost continuously used in busy residences and businesses, and garage door openers that function remotely or by motion detectors offer ease and convenience at your entry portals. Cambridge Garage Doors Store carries a variety of models of automatic garage door openers that fit the needs of all our clients. These include standard garage door openers that are inexpensive and efficient, and premium garage door openers that perform with a maximum of operating speed and a minimum of noise..... Click to read more